Thursday, 7 November 2013

Why Are Opening Sequences Within Film Important?

Why Are Opening Sequences Within Film Important?
Within film, some of the most iconic and important moments have occurred within the openings of films. This is for many reasons, directors like to draw in the audience straight away to keep them interested in the film and to keep them on the edge of their seat. From this post, I will be talking about why opening sequences are so vital and important.
They allow the audience to understand the genre of the film.
This is important as it allows the audience to know what to expect from the film they are watching.
Film openings set the scene and show the audience who contributed towards the making the film e.g. actors/actresses.
This is vital within films as it tells the audience many things and allows companies who worked on the film to advertise themselves. It also shows what actors and actresses are in the film. This would attract large amounts of people if they liked who worked on the film. Openings can also set the first scene of the film and create the first part of the story, which is very important and helpful.
Allows the audience to see what the film is about.
The opening of a film will allow the audience to see what the film is about as it can set the scene. For example, if it a film was about war the opening could have scenes of a battle. This is why many films start off with a main feature of the film.
The opening can be used to draw the audience in and the film interesting.
This is commonly used within films, mainly horror genre. Within horror genre the opening will often be tense to keep the audience on the edge of their seat and to keep them interested- this has a positive effect with the audience and allows them to enjoy the film more.

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