Friday, 24 January 2014

Film Opening Treatment

Film Opening Treatment

For mine and Alec's  film opening, we must go over what is going to happen within the project. This is so that the film has a good narrative structure and allows the audience to understand what is going on. To do this, I have decided to use this post to go over what we will do. 

1- The film will open with two detectives in the woods looking over a dead body. To do this shot we will use P.O.V shots and close ups to emphasize the dead body. (DETECTIVES WEARING SUITS)

2- Whilst the detectives are talking we shall use a flash back to show the audience how the murder occurred. To show that it is a flashback we will edit it to black and white and maybe have disorientating music and effects. (THE KILLER WILL BE WEARING A MASK).   

3- The flash back will end and we will use a moment of complete silence to make the scene more eerie.

4- Close up on part of dead body with sound of water in background.  

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Horror Films - Analysing a Character

Horror Films - Analysing a Character

Within horror films, the main characters within the film are the most vital aspect of the film. Without a scary character, its highly unlikely that you will scare your audience. This is why I have decided to use this post as research into what makes a horror character scary and how to utilise them into your horror film. 

Penny Wise The Dancing Clown
This is Pennywise the clown. He was used in the film 'It' in 1990, based on the novel written by Stephen King. He is also known as 'Pennywise The Dancing Clown'. He is capable of turning into his victims worst fears and he mainly hunted children. He is one of the most famous and iconic horror villains of all time. The use of a clown will scare a lot of people us many people have a fear of them. The clowns teeth also suggest elements of fear and his eyes are fitting for a horror film.  

Michael Myers
Michael Myers first appeared in the 1978 film Halloween as a young boy who murders his older sister, then returns 15 years later to murder more teenagers. He is one of the most famous film villains of all time. He has appeared in novels, nine films, a video game and comics.
The mask is one of the most iconic images in the horror genre and caused much fear and excitement for audiences all over the world. From this film I noticed that even plain masks and props can cause fear and affect the audience. 
Billy The Puppet (SAW)
Billy is a puppet that appeared within the horror franchise SAW. It was used by the films main villain John Kramer aka (Jigsaw) to communicate and talk to his victims. The use of a doll is similar to the use of a clown as it will contribute to many peoples fears. Billy is now strong merchandise for the SAW franchise and is widely recognised as a evil character. The makeup and use of a bike make the doll seem more life like and scary. Furthermore, the evil laugh from the doll has become a key feature to scare audiences.

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Hammer Horror

Hammer Horror
For this post I have decided to research the British film company Hammer Horror. I found that this would be useful research when looking at the success of British horror films.
Hammer is one of the UK's most known film brands. It has made many successful films such as The Woman In Black, Let Me In and the psychological thriller The Resident.
Since its debut in 1934 it has made over 150 feature films. Some of the most famous horror films created by Hammer Horror have been Dracula, The Curse Of The Werewolf and Frankenstein Created Woman.
Hammer Horror is a huge part of British film and the horror genre.  

Target Audience For Thrillers

Target Audience For Thrillers
Thriller films will attract audiences who like mystery, tension and excitement. Thriller films will also look at an active audience who will try to work out the plot and story line of the film  for themselves. Thriller audiences will also have to like the element of surprise as the main point of thriller films is to thrill the audience.
- Thrillers generally attract the age group of u25's
The highest audience for thriller films are the u25's. This is because the main protagonists and characters within thriller film contains young people. Thriller films also allow an affect of escapism for audiences and contain a lot of action for younger audiences to enjoy.
- Gender attraction
Thriller films will usually attract more of a male audience. However, it does appeal to both audiences. Males will prefer the action sequences within a horror film whereas females often like to watch for the aspect of emotion and tension.