Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Filming session Evaluation

Filming Session Evaluation

After many changes to our production 'The Hunt', Alec and I finally finished our shooting. We had done a lot of research and planning before our final shoot to make sure we were happy with our final production.

For our last filming session we needed to show the audience the ending of our opening, which was a vital aspect within our film opening because we needed to leave the audience guessing what would happen next- which is what me and Alec wanted to achieve.

Our last session had many different camera angles to convey the scene as best as possible, we began with slow and long takes to show the calmer side of the film. However, when the chase scene begins, we used very quick shots to emphasize the panic within the scene.

For editing, we took our time as we wanted to make it perfect. We began to include our opening credits, which included a font which is similar to most thriller films. In addition to this, we needed to make the font the correct colour so that it was visible for the audience. We also put colour filters over our scenes so that it was easier for the audience to see what is going on within the opening.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Final Music Choice

Final Music Choice

For our production, we have decided the soundtrack we are going to use, we feel as if this soundtrack fits our production well with all the timings and fits all the thriller conventions.
The eerie feel of this soundtrack helps us to emphasize what we are trying to connote to the audience, fear and tension. Without this soundtrack, our production would have less of an effect on our audience.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Snapshot from film

Here is a snapshot of the production 'The Hunt'.  It is an establishing shot of a detective standing over a dead body. We felt that this shot is a very good shot to establish to the audience what is going on, this helps us to explain the narrative of the story. We will edit this shot to make it a little darker to make it easier to see.

7- Evaluation- sound clip

6- Evaluation- Prezi

5- Evaluation- Powtoon