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Spider Man 2 vs Se7en opening

Spider Man 2 vs Se7en opening

Spider man 2 is an American superhero film directed by Sam Raimi. It is the second film in the spiderman film trilogy based on the Marvel character. It grossed over $783 million worldwide and won the Academy award for best visual effects. The films success led to Spider Man 3, in 2007.

Se7en is an American 1995 thriller film directed by David Fincher and distributed by New Line Cinema. It stars Brad Pitt and Morgon Freeman. The film was released in the United States on 22nd September 1995. It grossed $327 million internationally.

Spider Man 2 Opening 

The opening of Spider Man 2 is very key and interesting within the film. This is because it represents the heroism and action within the film. Another key feature of this opening is the comic theme within the opening, this links to the traditional theme of spider man and let the audience know more about the film.
In addition to this, the opening of the film also shows scenes from the previous spider man film, this is important/useful for the audience as they can be reminded of the story line.
When looking at the colours of the spiderman theme i notice that the colours of black, blue and red. This connotes the colours of spider man's costume, this would be entertaining for the audience of spider man.  


The opening credits to the Blockbuster thriller 'Se7en' is an important feature of the film. The various different themes, images and animations create a special aspect for the audience and allows them to dive straight into the theme of the film. The soundtrack is important within this opening as it is tense, eerie  and strange- this links to the theme of the film as it is about a serial killer. This links to the spiderman 2 opening as both opening credits link to the theme and plot of the film.
Another key feature of this film opening is the creepy vibe of animations. The transitions are random and jumpy, this leaves the credits unpredictable, this links to the theme of solving a mystery. This again shows that the opening credits link to the film theme itself. 


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