Monday, 4 November 2013

Mise-En-Scene in Action Films

Mise-En-Scene in Action Films

Mise-En-Scene- Everything you see in the film

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Mise-en-scene is the 'visual environment within the frame.' This is everything you see/hear within a shot. I will be analysing the Mise-en-scene within action films. Different genres of films have different functions, examples could be realism, super natural terror or any other numbers of functions. It all depends on the genre of the film.

The mise-en-scene within an action film will always fit the genre of action. This means that violence will often be involved. A prime example could be behavior/actions of characters within the film. Using the film 'Hanna' as an example, we can see that this scene uses the behavior and actions of the characters involved to fit the genre of action. From this fight scene we can see each character using weapons and throwing punches, therefore fitting the genre of action.
Furthermore, the use of props within Mise-En-Scene fits the representation of action. These props include weapons such as a gun and a knife. This again fits the genre of action and allows the audience to see the violence involved.
From this scene, I also notice how a subway is used as the setting. This is quite a common feature in the action genre as it can be quite an isolated and dark location, this is perfect for an action film as it creates tension within the film.

From mise-en-scene, I am enabled to understand and identify key aspects within action films. They all fit certain rules to make the movie involved within the action genre. In my opinion, the use of behaviour and actions and props are the most important feature within the action genre.

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