Friday, 8 November 2013

Sound In Film Openings (Horror Genre)

Sound In Horror Openings
I am very interested in film, especially the horror genre. For my practical (opening title sequence) I have been thinking of doing the horror genre. This is why I have chosen to analyse opening title sequences within horror films. This is because it will help me when I make my own opening title sequence.
When analysing sound in horror openings, I notice that certain music will be put in to fit the genre of the film (in this case horror). When studying horror films, I notice that dark, uncomfortable and eerie music will always be used. 
A good example of a horror film with sound in the opening would be The Woman In Black. The opening scene in this film is very effective, the use of sound in the background emphasises the horror of the scene and helps to make the audience scared.  
Another example of sound in horror films could be The Exorcist (1973). When looking at the opening credits of this film I notice there is nothing particularly scary about the scene. However, the soundtrack used is very edgy and can help to make the audience scared, which is obviously needed within the horror genre.

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