Monday, 4 November 2013

The Use Of Camera Shots

The Use Of Camera Shots
Within filming, camera angles are hugely important. This is because they help the audience to see what is happening within the shot and to understand the story. Furthermore, camera angles also suggests different meanings and help to express different emotions and connotations within the shots. Without these different camera angles films would not be able to fully express what they are trying to show; therefore they have huge importance.
From this post, I will be analysing the different camera angles, I will show why they are used and what they can help to express.
Extreme Long Shot
This shot is generally used to set the scene, it is also known as an establishing shot. There will be very little detail within the shot as it is taken from a long distance, however the shot allows the audience to understand the location of where the shot is taking place and what it could mean for the characters involved.
Long Shot
This shot shows the image approximately 'life size' corresponding to the real distance between the audience and the cinema screen. For example, a long shot of a man would appear 6 feet tall. In addition to this, the entire body would be shown, with the head at the top of the frame and the feet at the bottom.
Medium Shot
This shot usually contains a character from waist up view. It is mainly used for scenes involving dialogue. Background detail is usually minimal to focus on the character involved in the shot. Another variation of this shot is the Over the shoulder shot, this positions the camera behind one figure, revealing the other figure, and part of the other figures back head and shoulder.
Close Up
A close up shot always shows very little detail in the background, but focuses on the characters face or a detail of mise- en-scene.  Everything else is just a blur in the background. The shot magnifies the object and is used to show the importance of things or focus on the object. The close up can allow us to understand a character more or focus on emotions.   
Extreme Close Up
This shot magnifies what the human eye would be able to see. This is useful in film as it allows the audience to focus more on something. Extreme close ups could be used to focus on parts of the body like eyes or your mouth. No background can be seen- this shot is extremely useful when the film maker wants to show dramatic effect.  

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