Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Target Audience For a Horror Film

Target Audience For a Horror Film

As mine and Alec's film opening will be of the horror genre, I have decided to do some research on what audience we should target for our movie.

Usually, horror films attract audiences of a younger age. Teenagers are curious and daring. This is because most horror films include the use of the unknown and isolation.
Furthermore, teenagers are usually used as the main protagonists which means that the teenagers watching the film will be allowed to link with the characters shown on screen. 
My research also showed me that a lot of young couples go to watch horror features on a date. 
I also found that more males than females watch horror films.  

Planning For Film Opening

Planning For Film Opening 

For mine and Alec's film opening we have decided to do the genre of thriller/horror. Because of this, we have had to plan in detail the correct and most effective location for the filming and all of the props.
We have also been talking about our story line for the opening so that we are fully prepared when it comes to shooting.


This is one of the most important aspects of the film (as it is horror/thriller) because we need the location to be effective and stick with the audience, which is a vital factor within horror and thriller films.

Location 1- Jubilee Park.

Jubilee Park is a park in Petts Wood. This is a brilliant location for me and Alec as we live close which allows us easy access to the location. The park is a big location which allows us a lot of opportunities for camera shots. Furthermore, the park has a feeling of isolation when you walk around it which will be an important feature when looking at the horror aspect of the film. 

Monday, 2 December 2013

Insidious 2 Movie Review

Insidious 2 Movie Review Tom Edwards 

Insidious 2 was released this year, with upcoming director James Wan directing his second chapter within the Insidious series.

The film takes off from the first Insidious where Elise Rainer, informs Mrs. Lambert that the paranormal activity occurring is not the house, but her son Josh. Its 1986 in the second installment, Josh (Patrick Wilson) is a married man with three children. Josh soon realises that his oldest son, Dalton, has a special gift where he can travel in his sleep to 'The Further'.

The first thirty minutes of the film contain the usual aspects within a horror film. With closet doors opening by themselves, a baby crying and self playing pianos. Although these techniques are used in the first Insidious, they still manage to create a scare for the audience, which is obviously vital for a horror film.

The camera angles make the film a lot more successful. James Wan manages to use these to help present the film in a unique way, the audience will be allowed to take in all the main aspects of the story and sit back and watch knowing that they haven't missed anything. The film provides a lot of narrative structure and good tension for the audience. The story fits in well with the scares, to create on of the most memorable horror movies in the last few years.  

So, with James Wan now fully established in the horror genre. We can hope for more brilliant features from the young and talented director.