Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Analysis Of The work of design companies

Analysis Of The Work of Design Companies

For our film opening, we will need to design and create our film title sequence and use design techniques to look creative. To help us do this, I have decided to do some research on design companies and designers. 

344 Design

344 Design is a Los Angeles based design firm specializing in work for creatively ambitious clients. The firm is headed by Art Director Stephan G. Butcher. He is the author of books 100 days of monsters, All Access and You Deserve a Medal. He has created designs for Sting and The New York Times. He has also designed film titles for director Tarsem Singh, with films such as The Fall, Immortals and Mirror Mirror. 

Alma Mater

Alma Mater is a Hollywood based visual studio working in design and animation. The studio was founded in 2012, it specializes in commercials, broadcast design and main titles for television and film. Head designer, Brian Mah, has worked on commercial for pepsi, coca cola and American Express. In terms of film, he has worked for Universal, Disney and Paramount.  


Founded in 2008, Aparato is a motion design and animation studio based in Uruguay. It has worked for companies such as coca cola, Amex, Moviestar and Nestle. They have also worked on horror film Evil Dead.  

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