Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Film Opening Script Template

Film Opening Script Template

Detective 1:Frank Harris
Detective 2 (partner):Isaac Rogers
Killer:Masked man (unnamed)
Victim:Tim Robbins

(shot opens with the main title, The Hunt. Then fades to dead body while titles appear, detectives start to talk and it cuts to the two detectives standing over the body)

D1: What  time was it called in?
D2: Around 6 am, man walking his dog saw his body laying by the river side.
D1: The body looks no older than 18, you got ID on the victim?
D2: His name,Tim Robbins 17 years old, attended Woodsbury secondary school and lives with his parents Jane and Ben Robbins just down the road from here
D1: Have his parents been informed?
D2: Yeah they said they last saw at around 8pm last night, he stormed out after an argument
D1: Right ok, we'll speak to them later. (short pause detective looks at body)
D1: He's got multiple stab wounds on his back, there are finger marks below his chin. (cuts to next scene where victim is walking walking through the woods

D1: Victim was likely to be alone in the woods, killer followed him, grabbed him from behind by the neck and stabbed him multiple times, from the tracks it looks like the killer then dragged the body and left it here ( All is a voice over while a flashback of the killing occurs)

(cuts back to the detectives)
D2: Ok well I need to head back to the station and file a report you coming ?
D1: Nah I see you there later, I've got a couple of jobs need doing home
D2: Ok Frank I'll see you later
(scene cuts to the killer looking at the two detectives, then as the detectives are walking the killer watches them in the background)

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