Friday, 24 January 2014

Film Opening Treatment

Film Opening Treatment

For mine and Alec's  film opening, we must go over what is going to happen within the project. This is so that the film has a good narrative structure and allows the audience to understand what is going on. To do this, I have decided to use this post to go over what we will do. 

1- The film will open with two detectives in the woods looking over a dead body. To do this shot we will use P.O.V shots and close ups to emphasize the dead body. (DETECTIVES WEARING SUITS)

2- Whilst the detectives are talking we shall use a flash back to show the audience how the murder occurred. To show that it is a flashback we will edit it to black and white and maybe have disorientating music and effects. (THE KILLER WILL BE WEARING A MASK).   

3- The flash back will end and we will use a moment of complete silence to make the scene more eerie.

4- Close up on part of dead body with sound of water in background.  

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