Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Music Choice For Film Opening

Music Choice For Film Opening

As mine and Alec's film opening is of the thriller genre, we need music that will suit the genre. However, for copyright reasons we will have to find a way to reach the rules. I have decided to do some research on music in the thriller genre to help me and to give us ideas.

We shall have a very eerie and dark opening, this means that our music must match this feeling to emphasise the drama to the audience. The track could be very slow and silent to show the tension, in addition to this, the music could be very distorted to match the panic with our P.O.V shots.


For the more dramatic and fast paced scenes within our filming, we will have to use a fast paced soundtrack to match the mise en scene. However, this soundtrack must match the feeling of a dark narrative to fit the story and to make it dramatic for the audience.

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