Saturday, 4 January 2014

Target Audience For Thrillers

Target Audience For Thrillers
Thriller films will attract audiences who like mystery, tension and excitement. Thriller films will also look at an active audience who will try to work out the plot and story line of the film  for themselves. Thriller audiences will also have to like the element of surprise as the main point of thriller films is to thrill the audience.
- Thrillers generally attract the age group of u25's
The highest audience for thriller films are the u25's. This is because the main protagonists and characters within thriller film contains young people. Thriller films also allow an affect of escapism for audiences and contain a lot of action for younger audiences to enjoy.
- Gender attraction
Thriller films will usually attract more of a male audience. However, it does appeal to both audiences. Males will prefer the action sequences within a horror film whereas females often like to watch for the aspect of emotion and tension. 

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